Water Baby

Here's a funny little story about Ella. Yesterday we went over to Blue and Deb's house for dinner. Meadow made quite a mess during dinner so Deb put her in the tub. Ella was hanging out with her just watching from the side. So I was cleaning up a little and just thought I would look in on them. Well I look in the bathroom and think "Oh, Deb decided to put Ella in the bath too". Well, as I get a little closer I notice that she is completely dressed. That's right - t-shirt, jean skirt, tights and leather booties, and she is having the time of her life. It was like she didn't even notice that her clothes were still on. So I went through the aweful chore of taking off wet clothes and let her play in the tub for probably over 1/2 an hour. She thought it was awesome to have a bath with other kids. She would pour water over her head and then just laugh hysterically. The only reason she wanted to come out was that Meadow was bribing her with a cookie. Anyway, Deb found some pink princess pajamas for her to wear, and there was a princess toque lying around so I put that on her to. Deb went into the bathroom to clean up and Ella followed her in. She was draining the water and turned around to hang up a towel. From the corner of her eye she sees Ella straddling the tub and before she could grab her she was back in the now one inch of icy cold water wearing pajamas, a toque and eating a cookie - and she couldn't have been happier. At least Josh got his wish - she definitely loves the water. I'm sorry to say that the only picture we got was on Josh's phone, but I'll try to post it later.



I had a busy but great day for a monday. This afternoon I went out for lunch with Marissa, one of the girls in our youth. It's so awesome just to feel like I am beginning to build a relationship with them as they are starting to trust us and we are learning to love them more. I can really see the Lord working in my life to even be able to reach out to them. I am just so thankful that He has called us to this ministry at this time. This weekend we had an activity planned, but we needed other people from our church to pull it off. Sadly, we had no volunteers and I was quite sad. So we came up with another activity and about an hour and a half before the activity we had a parent think it wasn't such a great idea. (We were going to play hide and go seek in an empty newly painted house and they thought we may damage something) So we cancelled that, and I was just plain annoyed. Josh was trying to think up something else and I was just like "No, I'm done! No youth this week" So we called all the kids and told them the sad news. Well within a half an hour they had all called each other and then called us back basically demanding that we have youth. So, Josh was just going to go so I could stay with Ella - but they pretty much begged me to come. Now if that wouldn't make you feel good I don't know what would. It was so encouraging to see that they really want to be there. It was the most encouraging youth activity we've had yet. In church on Sunday we were singing Indescribable by Chris Tomlin and one line says "you see the depths of my heart and you love me the same" and that just became so real to me. On Saturday night the depth of my heart was annoyance, complaining and self pity - but God still gave us an awesome night that I could never have planned to matter how hard I try.
Just a little family phot from our trip to the hot springs.


Bust a Move

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I'm not sure what's wrong with the sound. Sorry my voice sounds so annoying. Isn't her hair awesome?

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