Well, I guess it's time to update all our adoring fans on the life of the Genns. My parents were out here for a few days. We had a great time of shopping, eating out and even playing a little Rook. Of course Ella got a new wardrobe, and when my dad was around got to eat cookies for lunch. I was a little jealous of the cookie part - actually I got one too, it was just after lunch instead of replacing it. Ella was such a grandma's girl, crying whenever she left her. Smart kid. We had a great weekend. Friday we went to our friends Max and Lynda's - played some games, chit-chatted - you know "old people" stuff. Stayed til 1 - the Genns are gettin crazy! Saturday we had youth - played more games. Then for the first time we met the youth at Starbuck's before church for a little Bible talk, and amazingly almost all of them came. Well, there are only 5 to begin with, but you gotta start somewhere. We're thankful for the ones we have. They really are amzing kids, pretty much just accepting us with open arms... and they even clean up when they leave someones house - wow! Sunday, went to church, had a loooooong worship meeting, and then had a relaxing evening at home. Anyway, today is Halloween, so the little lamb and I are going to the mall for a little show off and candy for mom. Here are some recent pic's.
She can even make tights look good!
Beautiful girl
My grandpa made this for her.
What a great gap ad.
Look at all that hair
She was just sitting like this playing one day. I think she looks adorable.



Well, I've discovered I'm a "spurt" blogger. I get really excited about it, where quite a few of my thoughts are "ok, what can I blog about next" and then, I just don't think about it at all for awhile. Actually I'm like that with a lot of things when I think about it. Oh well, here are some great pictures.
Click here to see a cute little video, I'm just learning, but there should be a few more soon. I probably could post them, but this is easier I think.
cutest little butt you ever did see
enjoying fall
the barrette is supposed to make me look like a girl, but I just look like a grump
naked baby with a toque
come on in, the waters warm - excuse the floaties.


My Old Man

Well, today is Josh's birthday. Sort of a quiet, reserved affair - just the way he likes it. We went out for the traditional latte and muffin breakfast, our favourite. Actually Josh just got an americano and I got the latte - felt like my birthday, what can ya do. We had the same thing for Ella's birthday and she doesn't even like latte's! Anyway, he worked, I shopped - hey, maybe it was my birthday?! Then tonight we had small group, Blue and Deb brought us Crave
cupcakes. They are unbelievable. So even though I was supposed to go running with my Nano tonight, I can't get off the couch. Back to Josh, so today he turns thirty. Yes, I am officially married to an old man, but he still looks mighty fine! :) All I bought him was a magazine subscription, some long johns and some undies. How pathetic is that? Actually when you've been running out of underwear it's pretty darn exciting. Love ya hun, looking forward to the next thirty!


The options are endless really.

Boy I've just been blogging up a storm lately.
We go to a small church in Calgary that is mostly made up of young families, and that means lots of kids. Well when we first started going there I realized that Ella was among one of the only girls in the whole bunch (that has somewhat changed since then, but whatever). So, I started hearing a lot of mother's "claiming" Ella as her future daughter-in-law, and being quite adamant about it. Now let me tell you, she has quite an age range of boys vying for her attention. Liam was in good standing till he slammed her head in the toybox in the nursery - but now he likes to tickle her and she loves it, so he might be working his way back up. Blake is the quiet but handsome type - I'm not sure how she feels about him, but he sure is cute. Leif and Reid don't really seem to have any interest in women - so much so that when she was at their house a while ago I told Reid to tell me if she was bothering him and I would take her away. He looked at me and yelled in his little Beaker voice "Take her awaaaaay!" Then there's Christian. I would never have thought of him as a candidate until his mother voiced her opinion to me, due to the fact that he is eight. But older men aren't always so bad I guess. Well, he definitely jumped in the lead by buying Ella a pair of shoes the other day. He really likes her, and is always looking at shoes for her, how sweet.
Anyway, that got me to thinking about bringing back the old dowry - well I guess for us to get money it's actually called bridewealth, but whatever. Like it's looking like we could definitely get some good coin for this kid, she's in high demand,like I was thinking a winter home in Costa Rica perhaps... hmmmm. But I do have to let all you boys know that if baby Ramsdale happens to be a boy, Ella is officially spoken for. He is already referred to in the Genn home as "Ella's baby husband" Ella and Earl - sounds like a match made in heaven hey Keri.
But either way, Leif and Reid you better get your act in gear or all the good girls are gonna be taken. One thing for sure, she is not allowed to marry Benjamin Vater, because then her name would be Ella Vater! Ha!

Spoiled Rotten

Last Thursday Josh had to go work in Rocky Mountain House for a few days, so I decided to go along. We stayed at the Best Western and they were out of single rooms, so we got a jacuzzi suite instead! Now it wasn't exactly a vacation since Josh had to work, but Ella and I had a blast. We swam and watched TV and napped together. Just chillin, the two of us.
The only downer on the weekend was the BRUTAL speeding ticket I got on the way out there. No, I do not want to talk about it, but in my defence, it was my first ticket since I was a sophmore in college. I was pretty worked up about it, because tickets have gone up a lot since the last one I got. Anyway, I came home on Saturday afternoon, and Josh arrived later in the evening. On the way home he had stopped to buy me me a present, and he gave me an iPod Nano! Now my husband gives great, thoughtful gifts for Christmas and birthdays and any other celebration, but he NEVER just brings home presents for no reason. But, he just wanted to bring me something nice because I was down about the ticket and because he thought I deserved it. Like I didn't cost him enough this weekend! What a sweet, sweet man. I feel quite spoiled, but I'm very excited about the nano... now I just gotta dust off my jogging shoes. Not only that, he also finished off the tiling in the entryway!
Oh, the wonderful life of Kelly Genn!