Splish, Splash I Was Takin' A Bath

The other night, well actually a while ago, Josh gave Ella a bath. She loves the water and he likes to put bubbles on her head, so really it was the perfect combo. He is also much better at taking pictures than I am. These are some of my favourite pics.



I just wanted to post a few pictures of Ella in her Easter dress. We had a wonderful day.


Good Friday

Ella was able to explore in the grass for the first time yesterday. She found lots of things to play with and look it. Not chew on - hence the soother in the mouth. It's so neat to watch how amazed she is be a little stick (yes, that's a stick), or by the grass. So I thought that I couldn't think of a much better Good Friday for an 8 month old than to experience some of God's creation for the first time and to spend time with people who love her. I guess I couldn't think of a much better Good Friday for us either. This weekend we just need to take some time remembering what Christ has done for us.



I am looking forward to spending the summer with Ella. We have had a few days of nice weather and today we went to the park behind our house. Ella got to ride in a swing for the first time and she thought it was so fun. It is so special that I can stay home with my baby and share all these firsts with her. I wish I knew how to post the video I took so you could really see how much fun she was having. These will have to do.


Well, life has been busy in the Genn household. Yes I know it is the same for all of you out there- I guess I should say it was just a little busier than normal. Since moving to Alberta we have had so many visitors (which is wonderful). There are a few things that contribute to this. The top one being Ella, second is that I've never lived outside of Winnipeg and third being IKEA. For Spring Break my niece Amber came to visit, the day after she left my parents and another niece, Blaire came for a week. Next week Josh's parents are coming. It is so wonderful to see them all - but I get tired out. We run around doing so many things. Ella slept all day on Monday - I wanted to.
All that to say - sorry for my lack of blogging.