We are trying to get back to some degree of normalcy around here. Gus is experiencing some sort of anxiety (as far as we can figure out), so we're just trying to be patient with him and give him some time. He's really clingy to me and is having a hard time sleeping. We've pretty much got naps back in order, so it's just the nights we need to work on now. A couple of nights ago he would only sleep if we were holding him - now he just wants to sleep in our bed. I'm told these are all normal things. He has been through so much, I just need to give him some time.
My sister left this morning. It was so wonderful to have her here!!! We had a great time, and I'm not sure I would have done to well without the help. She helped me get the house all clean so I wouldn't have to worry about it for a few days. Anyway, it's so wonderful to be on our way back to normal life. God has been incredibly good to us.