Well, these may not be the most exciting pictures to some of you, but to me, I will never stop being amazed at what God can do in creating new life. These are from my ultrasound today, and I absolutely love the second and third pictures where you can actually count out the babies finders and toes. The technician couldn't get all the pictures she needed, so she thought I would probably have to comeback for another ultrasound. Oh darn, like I could ever get tired of staring at my child. She couldn't tell what the babies sex was, but we don't want to know anyway. At least this stopped me fram changing my mind at the last minute. That's probably part of the reason Josh comes along because he doesn't trust me with surprises (rightfully so), and obviously because he wants to see the baby - not to mention the fact that I beg him to because I can't carry Ella with such a full bladder. Well, I hope you are as in awe of these as I am.


Oh Ella, where are you?

The other day Ella and I went downstairs to do some laundry. After I was done I told her to follow me upstairs. Well, for some reason she just wanted to stay down and play. For those of you who know Ella that is quite unusual for her because she normally just likes to be wherever the action is. Since there are only who of us during the day the "action" is wherever I am. So I thought I would just let her hang out for a little while and go check on her often (our basement isn't exactly a good play area). So, after going down a few times, the next time I went down there wasn't a sign of her anywhere. I was calling and looking and she was gone. I was starting to get a little panicked. She usually would just respond right away or make some kind of noise anyway. Well finally I looked more closely to where she was playing the last time I saw her - right nest to the washer and dryer - and sure enough, she had crawled into the dryer. She brought all her blankets downstairs, had pushed them into the dryer and gotten right in with them. She was so happy just playing away. I told Josh the story and he got kind of freaked out. I told him there was no way she could shut the door on herself, so no need to worry. He said "yeah, until she has a little brother or sister to stuff in!" So true.


Spring Fever

Well, the other day it was beautiful here, and I totally caught a bit of spring fever. So, Ella and I headed out to the garden store. We bought some poppy seeds, tomato seeds and different herbs. Then we got some little flowers that you keep inside for awhile and then transplant them. They were on sale, so hey why not. They also had some gardening gloves on sale, so I got myself a pair, and then they had little kids ones with frogs and Ella loved them, so once again, why not. They were only 98 cents. So, the two little gardeners went home and got to work. Here are a few pictures of Ella "working" The one with the glove in her mouth is showing how she takes them off - just like an adult would do- well maybe not with gardening gloves, but you know what I mean. Funny girl. Now there is snow on the ground the ground, and it is cold, so my fever has been put on hold - I'm sure it will return soon.