Well, I know Grandma and Nana have been waiting with bated breath for some new pictures of Ella. Well here are a few of the soon to be birthday girl. Ella went on her first canoe ride the other day down the mighty Bow. We went with our friends Josh and Khara. It was a beautiful day, but of course a rain cloud had to go with us all the way down the river, but that didn't stop us from having a blast. Luckily we had an umbrella or it probably wouldn't have been as fun. We didn't take any pictures of the trip, but I just wanted to show you her lifejacket.


Chateau Genn

We have had a busy week here at our house. My sister, her family, and 14 teens from their youth group came to stay with us from Tuesday till Saturday. Wow, pure craziness. We went hiking at Lake Louise on Wednesday, then to Banff for the evening. On Thursday they volunteered at this lodge, and then we camped that night. Friday morning we went on a 5 hour white water rafting trip, then we went back to our house for a few hours of fun before bed. Then they left at 6 the next morning. It was a bit of a whilrwind. Josh found that sight while they were digging through scrap metal at the lodge, and thought it would be perfect to hang on our house while they were here. We did have a great time.



Well on Nana's request, here are a few more pictures of Ella. It's getting harder to get pictures of her, because she just wants to see the camera and play with the string. She is always on the move these days. I'm constantly chasing her around, but I don't mind (well, most of the time anyway). There's nothing else I'd rather do.


Well, it has been a little too long since I have done this. We went to Winnipeg for Canada Day, and stayed for the weekend. Then Josh came home while I stayed for a few more days. It was a fun time seeing my family. I didn't really see too many friends, I just spent the days with the fam. We went to the zoo, went strawberry picking, hung out at the cabin and went shopping. I got back on Friday - and I can't really remember what we did on the weekend - just spent time together I think. My sweet husband had the house nice and clean for me and bought me a coming home present - some new earrings. This week has been pretty laid back, but I have a lot to do for my sister's youth group coming to stay with us. The basement is a disaster! I hung out with my MOPS group yesterday and last night some guys came over for wings night. Well, it's good to be back in the blogging world.
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Happy Canada Day!
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