"Thank you, but she's actually a girl." That has been a common conversation for me lately - the plight of poor blonde babies. It usually then continues something like this "Oh I'm so sorry, it's hard to tell" or "Oh, I should have known by the socks" or the overly polite people " Of course, she's so beautiful, how could I ever think she's a boy!"
Now this doesn't really bother me. It is quite hard to tell sometimes, especially when she's wearing green or brown. I still get the comments sometimes though when she is entirely in pink. Like, how cruel do you think I am, dressing my boy in pink!? Anyway, I still just smile and politely answer, knowing some people just don't think before they talk.
But, what really gets me going are the downright rude people. "Oh, it's a girl? Wow, she really looks like a boy. Don't you think she looks like a boy?" Are you kidding me, like weren't you taught to not always say exactly what you are thinking. I guess I just don't get it. Like do you think I can do something to change the fact that you think my child looks like a boy, or maybe I will just figure out that I've been wrong all along. "Wow, it really is a boy. Thanks so much for pointing that out."
All I ask is please, if you get it wrong, just don't try to change my mind. I think she's beautiful, so just say sorry.


The Big Dipper

If you are looking for a post on astronomy, you will be greatly dissappointed, but if a post on mothering is alright read on.
Lately Ella has been determined to feed herself and finger food isn't good enough, oh no, it's got to be the spoon. So I will let her help me bring it to her mouth. That is no longer good enough, now I need to let go. This is incredibly hard as I just picture a head full of applesauce, not to mention her clothes or my floor. So there have been quite a few battles lately with her throwing fits because I won't let her. Well, I'm starting to realize that I need to go through this at some time, unless I still want to be spooning food into her mouth in grade 10. Soooo, I'm walking through the grocery store and something catches my eye... the BIG DIPPER. A big grippy handled spoon with no wrong ways to put it in your mouth. Now I realize this is just a big scam, but I have been intrigued by many a scam in my life. Like the solar powered LED flashlights - oh wait - that was my dad. Sorry dad, just couldn't resist, we've all been suckered in a few times, but when you start getting the shopping channel catalogue you know things have gone too far.
Anyway, back to my story, I bought the big dippers, knowing the day was drawing near. So, yesterday I buckled her into her highchair, threw on a bib, gave her a tub of yogurt, a big dipper and let her have at it. So, here's how things turned out. So you ask, "where exactly is the big dipper?" You guessed it, thrown overboard while diving in with both hands. Actually, it's not too bad, she must be a natural eater - gets it from her mama I guess.


Honey, hurry home!

Well, Ella and I have been spending some quality girls time together. Josh went out of town on Thursday morning, and will hopefully return late tonight. He has never left us for the night before (that I can remember), so I was a little nervous. However, he has worked very late quite a few times, and from that I have learned to not stay at home all day, because then the evening draaaaags on forever! So the last few days have been quite action packed. On Thursday we had the longest MOPS meeting in history. 10-3:30 whew, then I had to run home to clean the house for small group. Well, then we decided at the last minute to not have small group. Richard Blackaby was speaking at the seminary, so we all went there instead and went to Josh and Khara's afterward for dinner. We didn't get home till 10:30, so Ella was sleepy. Great thing though, Ella didn't cry in the nursery (which she has been doing a lot lately), and I was able to find a babysitter here in Cochrane - yay, the same girl who was able to keep her quite in the nursery. Anyway, on Friday we slept in til 9:30, when the cats away the mice will play - and play we did. Then we went shopping all afternoon. I got some great pants at Costco, some fall decorations and some Christmas wrapping paper. Yeah, it made me a little sick too, but it was nice paper. Then we went home, went for a little jog, Ella went to bed, I made some caramel corn - amazing - and watched a movie. This is the life. This morning we walked to Timmy's and I bought Ella her first honey cruller - and can you believe it - she didn't want it!! All she wanted was my bagel, so I had to force myself to eat it, someone had to. Then we walked to the farmer's market and bought some veggies. We definitely need em after all that junk. Now Ella is sleeping and I get to blog. All that to say, even though we are having loads of fun, I miss Josh terribly and can't wait for him to get home.

My sister and her family brought this towel for her from Disney World - doesn't she look adorable!


I'm Baaack

So happy!!
Mom, are you gonna make it?
Sweet outfit.
How can you say no to eating dirt when she's this happy about it.
That's right, just standing there.
Recently I was on a blogging hiatus. When I first started my blog, I really couldn't get enough of it, but as with a lot of fads, it lost its excitement and I got a little bored. I kept going, knowing people wanted to see Ella, but then I just kind of quit. Well, last week I went to Winnipeg on a little trip. While I was there I had so many comments about being a little sick of "princess Ella" - well not exactly, but you get the picture. It made me realize how many people are interested in our lives, or at least interested enough to take a peek. So I thank you, all my fans out there, and it's because of you that I press on.
Let me start with bringing you up to date:
1. I sadly never mentioned the fact that while we partied with princess Ella, another wonderful thing was happening that day. Josh and I had our 5th wedding anniversary. While she was being born, I knew that our anniversary would probably not be celebrated for the next 18 years, and year 1 proved me right. Even though we tried, it just didn't happen. I guess next year we will need to try a little harder. These last 5 years have absolutely been the best of my life, and I am still amazed that he chose me to be his wife. He is an incredible man, and I am honoured to wake up next to him every morning. Actually, he is usually gone by the time I wake up - but you get the picture.
2. Our church has just asked us the be the new youth leaders. We are excited and quite nervous. We will be taking over October 1. Please pray for us as we step into this new job.
3. Ella is walking. Well, not really - but she does take steps once in a while. She took her first ones Aug30, so any day now she will be running around everywhere I'm sure.
4. Everyone I know is pregnant. Well, once again not really. But all the people from Winnipeg who I was pregnant with are now pregnant again. So, I thought I might be getting ready for another one, but now I'm not going to be a copycat. Sorry mom.
5. I really need to clean my house.
6. For my birthday weekend, the 3 of us went to Waterton for a little vacation. We had so much fun together. We went camping, and even had to hike in to our campsite the first night. That was the first time doing that since Ella. It was a little crazy, but for the most part a lot of fun. Then we went out for a birthday dinner on Sunday, and birthday latte's on Monday. Wonderful!
7. I made some really good chili for dinner tonight. I struggle with chili, so this is a big day.
Well, there you have it. I'll try to do better from now on.