so much love in a bottle of TIDE

I feel as though I need to share this with all of you. This month Josh and I spent a lot of money on things that we probably didn't need. We bought a new couch, re did the bathroom and paid some big bills. By the end of the month the money was gone. So for over a week I wasn't able to buy any groceries and meals were getting, shall we say, creative. I wasn't really worried, but things were getting low. On Thursday morning I told Josh laundry would have to wait till next week because we werre out of detergent. Well, that afternoon I went over to a friends house. While I was there she took some leftovers out of the fridge and offered them to me. I politely declined, but she sent them with me anyway. I was so grateful, and told her a little bit of our situation, telling her how thankful I was for the food. She then proceeded to grab me and pull me into the kitchen and fill up bags of groceries for me, then she took me to the pantry downstairs and did the same thing. She had a full bottle of detergent on the shelf and said "I got this for free, do you need it?" I couldn't lie, and she could tell we did. (this whole time I was putting up a big fight). Now this couple is not rich, God is taking care of them, but they have 5 children and her husband is in the ministry - you know what that means. I often have so much more than I need and spend money foolishly, but she didn't care about that. She saw someone in need and wanted to help. She showed me Christ's love, and I was amazed. God cared about the fact that I had no detergent. Why? I guess because I'm His child. The next Sunday her husband got up in church and shared about how as a church, we need to do life together, and they clearly demonstrated that. It is amazing to see God working in my life right now and I pray I will be able to show Christ's love to others - everyday. God is so good.


Let's do the Care Bear countdown

Hey Blaire, this one is for you. Ella in her new pajamas, and even the whole family. Now that is rare.


so blessed

Today I went for a walk with Ella here in beautiful Cochrane. I started to think about how much I have to be thankful for. My life has changed so much over the last year, and at times it seemed so stressful. But looking back I see how much I have to be thankful for.
Joshua is an incredible man who I still can't believe chose me to be his wife. I see that even more now that I see him with Ella. He is such a hard worker, and incredibly funny, and loves me so much.
Ella. She has taught me how sinful and selfish and imperfect I am. And that I need to work on so many areas so that she has someone to look up to. In spite of all that, she still loves me and wants me more than anyone else, and laughs at my stupid faces. It won't always be that way I know, but I can be thankful for now.
Family. I didn't realize how much I needed them. They are so loving and care about me so much. I miss them a lot. I am also realizing how thankful I am for my in laws. They are incredibly godly people who are true examples to me. Ella is so blessed to have 2 of the best sets of grandparents there are.
Friends. I am a terrible friend. I am never doing what every friend should do, and yet I still have friends. You have been so faithful to me. Please don't give up on me now. I'm working on it.
God. He has taught me so much lately about Himself. I need Him so much, and I am so ungrateful at times. He is patient and forgiving every time. Wow.

I have so much to be thankful for.


cute floor!!

Some of you have asked for pictures of our new flooring. This is probably the cutest floor that you can get. It cost a lot but it is definitely worth. it. (The baby part that is.)


Baby eating blueberries

What a beauty!!!!

Babies change your life

I would probably have never made a blog if it wasn't for Ella. People want to see her, so here I go. It does seem a little exciting mind you. We got the internet and a phone last week. Now I'm a blogger. Genns welcome to the 2000's.