Ella and Gus

I had to switch to small pictures because we got a new camera and I think the bigger pictures are too big to load or something - antway I'll try to figure it out.


Well, I guess it's time for a little update on the Genns. Gus is doing well - it feels like he's been with us forever. I think he's a good baby. It's hard for me to say because Ella was a basically perfect baby and I think he's just pretty normal. He's so sweet though, I can't get enough of him. I was worried that I wouldn't feel the same "awe" that I felt when we had Ella and let me tell you that I feel just as in love with Gus. His sleeping wasn't going so well, but last night he only got up once - so hopefully that will last. Some of the novelty of Gus has worn off with Ella, but she still gets pretty excited when she sees him. She's adjusting really well to life with him around - I guess we all are. I helps that Nana and Papa are here to entertain her. It's been so nice to have them around. Our church has been bringing us meals for two weeks, which has been amazing!!!! I feel so spoiled, but tonight is the last one, so back to cooking - sigh.
Anyway, I know some of you have been waiting for the birth story - so here we go. I started having labour pains around 4:30 Thursday morning. Around 9 we went for breakfast with my parents and they were getting fairly strong and were like 5 minutes apart. Since the hospital is like an hour away I thought we should head in. Now, after 2 deliveries - I've learnt a few things - I do not progress very quickly. One thing I didn't want to do was go in and be sent home - but that's exactly what happened. You think I'd learn, but no. Like, I'm supposed to know what I'm doing by now. Anyway, I got there around 11, and the doctor said not much was happening yet, so It would pass the time a little more quickly if we went into town and walked around and stuff. While we were out they got to every three minutes and were a lot stronger. So, at 5 we headed back - once again - nothing going on. Are you kidding me? But she told me to stay and get some rest and hopefully things would pick up soon. So, I took a nap and my contractions almost stopped all together. When I got up, they started again - but they were back to about 10 minutes apart. So at about 9 I went out to talk to the nurses. They called the doctor and she said I should go home. The last thing the nurses said to me was "It's probably just Braxton Hicks." Thanks a lot! So, my parents had already checked into a hotel in town and offered to put us in a hotel room for the night. So we did, and the contractions just kept getting stronger - but they were pretty irregular. So, I wasn't sure what was happening. So I let Josh sleep and I dealt with contractions all night. If I was walking around they were like every 3 minutes, if I was trying to sleep they would wait like 12 minutes. Finally from about 7-8 in the morning they were consistently every 3 minutes and absolutely unbearable. Finally I woke up Josh and told him "OK, I don't know what's happening, but I need drugs" So, he showered and took all the time in the world. In the middle of a brutal contraction he came out of the bathroom to tell me something was wrong with his contacts. Uh sorry, don't really care - can we please move a little more quickly? So we got to the hospital around 8:45 and they put me in a room. The nurse was filling out charts and I was trying to be patient - but finally I was like "I would really like some drugs" So much for all natural. So she told me she would just check me out and see how far along I was. So she did and told me that I was fully dialated - awesome. She said no time for drugs, the doctor would come and break my water and the baby would come. Sure enough the doctor was there 5 minutes later, she broke my water (so I didn't go totally natural), I pushed for 15 minutes and we had a little boy. The cord was around his neck, so they were a little concerned about him - but he was fine. They said it was the best thing for him that my water didn't break - so God was taking care of Gus (as I already knew). For all of you pregnant with your second baby - from my experience, the second delivery is much easier than the first - but labour is labour.

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Gus David Genn

So, little Gus made his way into this world at 9:41 AM on Sept 7. He was 7 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long - not bad for 2 1/2 weeks early. We are both doing really well. Ella is a little too excited - all she wants to do is hold and touch him. Well, enough talking - here are the pictures.

Poor little blue baby. The cord was wrapped around his neck, but it didn't take too long for him to get his colour back.

The last picture of the family of three.

Such a nice picture.

So do you think these 2 could maybe be siblings? Yeah, Ella is the one in the pink.