Ode to the Rowdy's

We just found out the most wonderful news
Of the Ramsdale famile there will no longer be twos.

But an itty bitty Ramsdale is on the way,
Sometime on a January day.

A cute little one it will be for sure
And the worlds about to get a little rowdier!

We love you guys, congratulations!!!


Craft Time

Well, I know it's not polite to brag... but I am just so proud of myself. I am not a crafty or artsy person - or anywhere close to being one. But every once in a while I feel the urge to try something new. So a friend told me how to make this easy quilt, and I thought "I should make something for Ella." So I bought some material (which Josh always discourages - since I have plenty of "good intention" yarn and material in the basement), but this time I was determined to prove him wrong... and I did - not only that, I enjoyed it!! I know it's far from perfect, there are tons of flaws, but it was definitely made with love.
So here it is, I hope Ella is happy because it's probably the only thing I'll ever make for her. Sorry sweetheart, but I'll take you shopping.


Where did my baby go?

Well, just a few more pictures of Ella. She had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago and it took her a while to get back to normal. It's good to have our happy baby back. I guess I should stop calling her our baby, since she really isn't one anymore. I can't believe how grown up she is. (Have you notice my lack of blogging since she's been mobile?) I feel like I say no 1000 times a day - and it's only just begun!


Father's Day

Well, I've had a post to write about my dad for quite some time, but now's about the perfect time to write it. I have a wonderful father who I know loves me so much. A few weeks ago he came out to Calgary on business for a few days. It was the week I was staying with Deb, so I wasn't sure if I would be able to him. On Thursday though I went to MOPS, so I thought it would be a good day for me to at least go out for lunch with him. I knew he would be really busy, but I also knew he wanted to see me for a little while - so it worked out well. I got to the office around noon and after a lot of gushing over Ella I asked him where he wanted to go for lunch. He said "Well, I'm all done here and my plane leaves at 6 - so do you want to go shopping?" So we went out for lunch to Kings for Wor Wonton Soup and then we were off to the mall. He took care of Ella while I tried on clothes. Then he bought me a now outfit for the wedding we went to last weekend. It was such a nice surprise for him to take the whole afternoon off for me. Thank you for that dad, and for loving me so much.
I would also like to pay tribute to the other dad in my life - my father-in-law. Everytime we are with them I am more thankful for him as I see that many of Josh's best character traits are just like his dad. Thank you for raising such a godly son.


this week in review

Well the last couple of days I've been trying to think of something to post about and nothing has come into mind. I guess that means that our life is incredibly boring. I'll tell you what we have been doing though. Josh has been working a lot! I started teaching Sunday School at our church for the 5 and 6 year olds. Great fun. We started a home group at our house. We had a cool MOPS craft this week that we prepared all day on Monday. They were eye-spy bags. You sew up a bag (like a bean bag but bigger) with a clear vinyl window in it. Then you fill it with rice and different little toys and whatever. The kid has to look for everything you put in the bag (you put a list on the back). Tuesday night I babysat. Wednesday night I played my first game of Bunco. Interesting. Tomorrow I am working at our MOPS garage sale and BBQ while Josh guides his first rafting trip. Now I just need to plan for Father's Day... Hmmm, doesn't sound so boring after all. Here are just a few pictures of Ella to keep everyone happy.

Those are some big eyes.

While I was loading pictures I did think of a little story. The other day we were late for something and running out of the house. I had to strap the car seat in, so I left my muffin and Ella on the floor while I ran out, not thinking anything of it. I left the door open, and I couldn't heear any noise, which was kind of strange. When I came back a big chunk of my muffin was missing and I had a very happy little girl. I just thought she would be intimidated by the saran wrap. ha!


weekend widows

Well, it wasn't exactly the weekend, but that sounds better than Tuesday through Saturday widows. Last week Josh and Blue went on a river training trip. So I went to stay with Deb and help her out. She has 2 kids and they run an ice cream business in the summer. (See my reasons for going weren't to be nice... hello free ice cream!) We had a great time, but it was pretty busy. She worked in the evenings so I took care of the kids. I learned that three kids are hard work. Ocean is 31/2 and Meadow is 11 months. Deb forced me to jog in the mornings, and on Thursday I had to come back for MOPS and my dad was in town on business so I wanted to see him. Busy week. The boys surprised us my coming home late Friday night. So nice. So on Saturday we went out for breakfast to one of my favourites, The Summit Cafe, and then we went for a hike with Roly and Lisa. So it was quite a crew going down the trail, and wouldn't you know it, but we came across a huge grizzly with 2 cubs. That was crazy scary, but she just kept going off in the woods, not that we stuck around to watch her or anything.

The 2 little trouble makers - Ella and Meadow

Quite a character this one.
Just a few pictures or our hike.

Blue, Deb, Ocean and Meadow
Roly and Lisa - they're getting married on Saturday!!