Talking to God

So, I need to get back into blogging - and I figure a cute little story is a good way to start.
Josh was putting Ella to bed the other day and they were having a conversation. It went something like this.
Ella: God made the stars. Josh: Yes he did. Who made daddy? E: God. J: Who made Ella? E: God. J: That's right. God made everything. E: Where is God? J: Well, he's everywhere. E: I wanna see God. J: Well, you can't see God, but you can talk to Him. E: I'm gonna talk to God, and He's gonna talk to me. So she sat there, looking out the window up at the stars. J: So what did God say to you? E: I love you.

I can't help but thinking "You have no idea Ella, how much that is true," but maybe she thinks the same about me. The faith of a child is an incredible thing.


Tim & Sha Cavey said...

Josh & Kelly,

Hi guys. Cute pics of your kids!

Would you please email me at I tried to send something to and got REJECTED. It's important!

Tim & Sha

Alicia said...

That's a beautiful story!

Chloe often asks about God's whereabouts and if/when she can see God's face. Her prayers are so sweet too!

Gus is sure growing up fast! How old is he now? He looks so different from Ella! How does she like being a big sis?

WILD GHESE said...

how sweet.

party of eight said...

i am so glad you are blogging again! i've missed you.

ella is so precious. she is a beautiful little character... like her mom!

love you,