So, I have added some pictures here , and two movies, here and here . We're having a busy week - Ella's been sick and that always seems to drain me. I hope I think twice the next time I think it's a good idea to take a two year old with diarrhea to the grocery store. I've done a lot of laundry this week, but at least now everything is clean. Tonight we are doing an Indian theme for small group and I made butter chicken for the first time. It's pretty amazing- not thanks to my cooking skills, but just because that's the nature of butter chicken. Well, hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Josh is off work tomorrow and I'm going to get my teeth cleaned. No end to excitement here.


Alicia said...

Ooh, now you've got me curious about butter chicken. I used to eat Indian food when I was single but never attempted making it at home. Was it spicy or just buttery? Sorry if that was a totally lame and/or ignorant question . . .

Can't believe how big Gus is already! How old is he? Looks like you had a non-stop month of March. Ugh, I hate it when chloe gets sick - she's such a whiner about it. THankfully we all got the flu shot this year and we've not had any major illnesses this season.

party of eight said...

i need to get my teeth cleaned.

i'm praying for you kelly.

sorry about ella's runs... what a bummer.

i love reading updates on your life. i wish i could hear more. i miss you.

i is 11:30 on a saturday night, and i am FINALLY caught up on laundry. i'm ready for bed.

love you and miss you!


party of eight said...

and kelly, you are beautiful. you need more pictures of yourself. (and your family is so beautiful too!)