So, I'm trying to get into running. I've posted before about how every spring I think I want to train for a marathon, and it lasts for about a week. Well this year I took a different aproach. I decided I would try to train for a 5 K and work up from there. So I ran 2 races last week. Today someone told me that running is addictive. Boy will I be excited when that day comes!! I'm definitely not addicted, I could probably never run again and be totally ok with that. But I will keep going - I am on the 8 week plan for the 10K - we'll see. Anyway, here are some pictures.
This was last Sunday's race with my friend Abbie. She's my running buddy. It was -12C, and really windy. Not exactly a good way to start, but I guess it can only get better.

And get better it did. This was my race yesterday with Deb and Joyce. It was beautiful out! Pretty much perfect, and look at that view!
And I did have a lot of time to look at the mountains since they left me in their dust. Speed really isn't my objective yet. This is me crossing the finish line.
Ella and Meadow were playing and eating raisins together. Until we had to take them away because they found a pile of elk poop. Raisins and elk poop look a lot alike.


Wild Ghese said...

good job Kelly! I'm shooting for walking, right now.

party of eight said...

kelly, you are amazing. i wish you could get me running. i really do need excercize. i doubt i will be running races (maybe just circles around my house.)

how is gus?

love you,