Well, we've had a busy few weeks. Grandma and Papa came to visit for a couple of days and then Nana and Papa were here for a week. We had a great time with both of them. Ella learned how to ride her trike - and she loves it. I'm pretty excited about that because she isn't a huge lover of the outdoors and that helps her want to get out. Gus got a tooth this weekend so he's been a little crabby - plus that means that he has to go to the dentist before the surgery. Just add it to the list. It's kind of funny that the last two saturday nights before mother's day have been some of the worst sleeping night ever for our kids. I mean really - how do they know???!!! But I got the most thoughtful mother's day present - I'm going to pottery classes. Something I've wanted to do for a really time. I'm super excited. I had a wonderful mother's day in spite of a bad nights sleep.
Hmmm, what else? I'm still running, we're up to 7K with about a month left until the race. Josh is getting a new espresso maker that he's really excited about.
About Gus: He's doing really well. He's happy and learning new things and growing a little bit. He can wave hi and is learning he can get places by rolling. Today I found out that they have a tentative date for surgery - either the 22nd or 23rd!!! That is such a relief. The unknown is the worst part. We'll find out for sure on Thursday. Please pray that he can just stay virus free until then so it doesn't get cancelled.
We'll keep you posted.


party of eight said...

hey kelly,

your kids are so cute. we are praying for gus. praying that he will stay well so he can have his surgery. i am glad he is doing well.

love you, janelle

Sara said...

Still keeping little Gus in our prayers. Thanks for keeping us posted. Your kids are so precious and absolutely ADORABLE!!