I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. We have recieved so much from our friends and church family. We got a huge basket of stuff at church on Sunday, and then a recieved a package from my MOPS group. We got so many things to keep Ella occupied, snacks to keep us going, blankets and sleepers for Gus, magazines and books, gift cards for restaurants, toys and groceries - not to mention enough Starbuck's to keep us awake the entire two weeks! At church on Sunday they prayed for us and wept with us and surrounded us with love. God is so good!!! After a somewhat hard week it was exactly what I needed. Anyway, I am trying to keep everyone updated on a carepage, so you can see what's going on. Thank you again for your prayers.


Alicia said...

Fantastic! We so need each other in the body of Christ. Praying for you all. I'll keep checking the carepage you set up to see if Friday is indeed the surgery date.

party of eight said...

kelly, that is so wonderful! what a wonderful basket! starbucks cards and everything!

i'm praying for you. i love you, and i wish so bad i could be there. you are in my thoughts often and i pray for you often!

these tough times are so hard, but God shows Himself so amazing through it.

if you have time, look up sovereign grace ministries and listen to their music from the album "valley of vision". God used that so much to encourage me last year, and i think you would really enjoy it.

i love you,


party of eight said...

welcome home genns